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Ghostly Encounters: Have you met the McNamees?

Are you following our spooky posts about campus ghosts?  Creeped out yet by the spectral spirits of Morrill Hall and Marie Mount Hall?  Keep reading – the best is yet to come!

This week finds us at the McNamee Cemetery behind the Stadium Drive Garage.  Not many people know about this spot, which looks pretty innocuous to the innocent passerby. While there is no record or rumor of paranormal encounters occurring here, who knows what the McNamee family gets up to when there’s no one around?

We took a hike over to McNamee Cemetery earlier this year. It was so peaceful and sunny. This place couldn’t possibly be haunted, right?

The cemetery contains the remains of several members of the McNamee family, who sold this part of campus to the university in 1938.  We are pretty sure we know at least two of the people buried there.  One of the deceased was a child named Albert McNamee.  He was the son of Charles and Elizabeth McNamee. Albert was born in 1904 and unfortunately burned to death in a family barn at the age of four.  Martha Bryant McNamee is supposedly buried there as well.  Her date of death is unknown, but we know she died sometime before 1900.  Unfortunately since the graves are now covered, we don’t know who else might be buried there.

The university had the cemetery bricked over, supposedly to prevent anyone from disturbing the graves. But what about keeping whoever is buried in the graves from disturbing us?

Those of you who haven’t been to Morrill Hall, Marie Mount Hall, and the McNamee Cemetery might think you’re safe. Ha! Just wait until we tell you who’s lurking in the Greek houses . . .

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