The University Archives serves as the collective memory of the University of Maryland, from the granting of the charter for the Maryland Agricultural College on March 6, 1856, to the present day.

Established by the Board of Regents in 1972, the Archives is the official repository for all of the university’s permanent records and actively gathers administrative files, university publications, photographs, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia that document all aspects of campus life.

Visit the University Archives website at www.lib.umd.edu/univarchives

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Maryland’s Incredible “Fish”

Today marks the 30th anniversary of an amazing swim by a University of Maryland alumna, Stacy Chanin. Chanin, a UMD senior at the time, swam three laps around the island of Manhattan in 33 hours 33 minutes, fighting strong currents, floating debris, and cold water temperatures.  She never left the water throughout her swim, eating small meals of banana and honey sandwiches, pasta, hot chocolate, granola bars, and lots of water every 45 minutes.

The Associated Press reported that Chanin treaded water for four hours between laps, waiting for the tide to change. During that time, “she ate, drank, listened to ‘mellow rock music,’ and talked to friends.

Chanin’s remarkable record stood until August 2007, when Skip Storch completed the torturous swim in 32 hours, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds.

Stacy Chanin as a UMD student

Stacy Chanin as a UMD student




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