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University Archives stacksWelcome to the University of Maryland University Archives blog.  We use this space to showcase some of the interesting materials that make up our collections.

University Archives serves as the collective memory of the University of Maryland, from the granting of the charter for the Maryland Agricultural College on March 6, 1856, to the present day.

Established by the Board of Regents in 1972, the Archives is the official repository for all of the university’s permanent records and actively gathers administrative files, university publications, photographs, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia that document all aspects of campus life.

Find out more about the University Archives here.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jeff Yee

    Alumni here (’96 PYSC) I just read your “20 Places you may not know exist on UMD’s campus” I can’t believe you left out the school’s nuclear power plant! It was part of the engineering school and back in the day some students wrote op-eds to the Diamondback demanding that it be shut down out of radiation concerns

  2. Mark B Morrison

    The 1972 plane crash that killed two very outstanding young men. One of them was my uncle Greg n his nephew Steve the Morrison.They were going to bring it back. My dad would not lie about that. But that didn’t happen. I seen pics ,book he wrote,n honest ta God stories of uncle his math n his drawings of whether,cloud s winds and more math. Lol He made top of his marine boot camp.uncle Greg was the man. He made sure they didn’t hit that sorority house. Anyway can I get a copy of the news article please. To 261 windmer Lane Appomattox VA 24522 . I would be very greafull you just don’t know how much it would mean to me. I can pass down to my grandchildren. I am Kyle B Morrison from shady side MD and hell ya I’m a terrapin fan. I love n miss my beloved MD. Thank you if who gets this n sends it. Or let me know how to get it. That would be cool also . peace out MD Go redskins lol

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