UMD123: 35

Thirty-five represents the number of years that Steny Hoyer, ’63, has served Maryland in the House of Representatives

In today’s UMD123 post, we are highlighting the service of the Maryland alumnus who has risen the highest in the U.S. Congress, Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland’s 5th District. Hoyer was first elected to Congress in a special election in 1981 to fill Gladys Noon Spellman’s seat after she was incapacitated following a stroke and has served continuously ever since. Representative Hoyer has been the second highest member of the House Democratic Caucus since 2007, when he became House Majority Leader under Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. After the Republicans retook the House in 2011, his title changed to House Minority Whip.

Hoyer as Whip of the Free State Party. From the 1963 Terrapin

Steny Hoyer’s years at the University of Maryland were very much a harbinger of his bright future. A Political Science major, he was a member of the Sigma Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Omicron Delta Kappa fraternities. He worked on the Diamondback newspaper and was an important member of the Student Government Association, serving as vice president and as a member of the legislative council and finance and judiciary committees, as well as whip of the ruling Free State Party. Hoyer was also a member of the Young Democrats and served on the Central Student Court. His deep involvement in university life also undoubtedly helped earn him a spot on the exclusive “Who’s Who” list of students his senior year. All Hoyer’s activities chronicled in the 1963 Terrapin yearbook proved prescient, as only three years after graduating, Hoyer was elected to the Maryland State Senate, where he would eventually rise to president, before beginning his long stay in Congress.

Steny Hoyer may be the longest-serving Maryland alumnus in the House of Representatives, but he is hardly the only Terrapin to join that body. Here is a list of Maryland’s Congressional alumni:

Name Years Party State District
Charles B. Calvert 1861-1863 Unionist MD 6th
Millard Tydings 1923-1927 Democrat MD 2nd
Stephen W. Gambrill 1924-1938 Democrat MD 5th
William P. Cole, Jr. 1927-1929,
Democrat MD 2nd
(L->R) Charles Benedict Calvert, founder of the Maryland Agricultural College; William P. Cole, MAC ’10; Millard Tydings, MAC ’10. Calvert photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.  Cole and Tydings  images from the 1910 Reveille
Harry S. Baldwin 1943-1947 Democrat MD 2nd
Thomas F. Johnson 1959-1963 Democrat MD 1st
Hervey Machen 1965-1969 Democrat MD 5th
Donald “Buzz” Lukens 1967-1971,
Republican OH 24th,
Gilbert Gude 1967-1977 Republican MD 8th
Lawrence Hogan, Sr. 1969-1975 Republican MD 5th
Parren Mitchell 1971-1987 Democrat MD 7th
Rick Nolan 1975-1981,
Farmer-Labor MN 6th,
Thomas Kindness 1975-1987 Republican OH 8th
William F. Goodling 1975-2001 Republican PA 19th
(L->R) Parren Mitchell, the first African American to take all of his classes on campus and earn a graduate degree at Maryland; Lawrence Hogan, Sr., the father of Governor Larry Hogan, Jr.; Thomas Kindness, ’51, vice president of the Riding Club, 1951 Terrapin
Roy Dyson 1981-1991 Democrat MD 1st
Steny Hoyer 1981- Democrat MD 5th
Esteban Edward Torres 1983-1999 Democrat CA 34th
Ernie Konnyu 1987-1989 Republican CA 12th
Charles T. “Tom” McMillen 1987-1993 Democrat MD 4th
Roscoe Bartlett 1993-2013 Republican MD 6th
William Lacy Clay 2001- Democrat MO 1st
Dennis Cardoza 2003-2012 Democrat CA 18th
C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger 2003- Democrat MD 2nd
Cheri Bustos 2007-2011 Democrat IL 17th
Eric M. Swalwell 2013- Democrat CA 15th
(L->R) Tom McMillen, ’74, from the 1974 Men’s Basketball Media Guide; Dutch Ruppersberger, ’67, Men’s Lacrosse team picture from the 1966 Terrapin; Cheri Bustos (Callahan), ’83, from the 1983 Terrapin

Did we miss any Congressional Terrapins? Let us know in the comments section below!

This is a post in our new series on Terrapin Tales called UMD123! Similar to our “ABC’s of UMD” series last fall, posts in this series will take a look at the university’s history “by the numbers.” New posts will come out twice a month throughout the summer; on the Terrapin Tales blog search “UMD123” or use the UMD123 tag. You can also check out Twitter#UMD123. If you want to learn more about campus history, you can also visit our encyclopedia University of Maryland A to Z: MAC to Millennium for more UMD facts.

(Much of the information in this post comes from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-present).

(The featured image for this post contains, from left to right, Sue Tyler, University of Maryland Field Hockey Coach; John Slaughter, Chancellor of the University of Maryland, College Park; Representative Steny Hoyer; and President Ronald Reagan. It was taken during the White House visit in honor of Maryland winning the 1987 NCAA Field Hockey Division I Championship. See



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