UMD123: 92

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. For the last 92 years, University of Maryland has been screaming.

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Maryland Dairy began production in Turner Hall on Route 1 aroundDairy 1930s 1924. Almost 20 years later production would soar under the help from esteemed ice cream connoisseur, Wendell Arbuckle, a professor at Maryland for 23 years, better known as “Mr. Ice Cream”. He developed many exotic flavors such as bubble gum, cantaloupe, sweet potato and cinnamon zig-zag throughout his time at the university.

Twelve years ago, manufacturing of the ice cream transferred departments from the photo 1Animal Science Department to Dining Services but the great taste remains the same. When visiting the ice cream shop, be prepared to make a hard decision. Flavors are always changing with current concoctions including Brenda’s Peanut Butter Frese, Fear the Turtle, Midnight Madness, and 1856, in addition to long-standing favorites like vanilla, cookies and cream, and mint chocolate chip. Special limited edition flavors also appear on the menu, including ‘Speare the Turtle, created to commemorate William Shakespeare.

logoStudents and visitors should stop by the ice cream shop in The Stamp Student Union for a cone, cup, sundae or milkshake of the delicious, creamy treat! If you can’t get enough, there are half-gallons available to take home!

For more information take a look at the letter “I” in the “ABC’s of UMD” blog post series from last semester!



This is a post in our new series on Terrapin Tales called UMD123! Similar to our “ABC’s of UMD” series last semester, posts in this series will take a look at the university’s history “by the numbers.” New posts will come out twice a month throughout the semester; on the Terrapin Tales blog search “UMD123” or use the UMD123 tag. You can also check out Twitter #UMD123. If you want to learn more about campus history, you can also visit our encyclopedia University of Maryland A to Z: MAC to Millennium for more UMD facts.


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