UMD’s Most Recognizable Songs: Part III: The “Victory Song”

Last week we featured the “Maryland Fight Song” as one of UMD’s most recognizable songs. As our final post in this series, this week we highlight the “Victory Song,” probably the best-known of the three pieces.

The Student Assembly of Maryland, a forerunner of today’s Student Government Association commissioned Thornton W. Allen, a New York-based composer, publisher, and arranger of songs for a number of colleges and universities, to write the “Victory Song,” which was first introduced by the Student Band in 1927.

Allen published the song in the university’s first songbook, University of Maryland Songs and Cheers, the following year.

Again it is the chorus of the tune that is most familiar to Terrapins and their fans,

Maryland, we’re all behind you;                                                                                         Wave high the Black and Gold,                                                                                            For there is nothing half so glorious                                                                                      As to see our team victorious;                                                                                            We’ve got the team, boys, We’ve got the steam, boys,                                                       So keep on fighting, don’t give in!
M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win!

You can hear the song here:

The full piece, along with 17 other tunes popular on campus since the late 19th century can be found in Songs of Maryland: A Centennial Edition, the UMD Bands’ most recent songbook, published in honor of the bands’ 100th anniversary in 2008.

song book

You can check out our previous posts on the university’s alma mater and fight song to learn about the other two most recognizable UMD songs.

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