New Exhibit: “Musical Milestones: The History of the University of Maryland Marching Band”

The beginnings of the marching band on campus
The beginnings of the marching band on campus

Visitors to McKeldin Library can now view a new University Archives exhibit featuring the achievements of the marching band. “Musical Milestones,” adapted from a large-scale exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the band in 2008, highlights the group’s rich history from a small band of Maryland Agricultural College cadets to the current Mighty Sound of Maryland.

The exhibit includes many notable “firsts,” including the first cadet band from 1908, the first performance of the Victory Song, the first female band members, the first black drum major, and the first female drum major. Other images portray the variety of events in which the band has participated over the years, spanning from homecoming celebrations to special occasions like Woodrow Wilson’s inaugural parade and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Those familiar with the band will recognize photographs of popular field formations, traditions, and slogans.

Featured material items in the exhibit cases include the baton used by drum major and twirler Murray McCollough in the 1940s and two styles of hats worn by band members — a cadet hat from 1914 and the most recent Mighty Sound of Maryland hat and shako.

In addition to the first floor cases, photographs are also on display in the second-floor portico lounge. “Musical Milestones” will be on view in McKeldin through the entire fall semester until January 2016.


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