Terrapin Yearbooks

Did you know we’ve digitized our yearbooks? We have over 110 volumes of the yearbook available online, from our first yearbook in 1897 to the present. This record of student life has been called Reveille (1897-1920, 1925-1934), Terra Mariae (1921-1922), Us (1971-1972), and Terrapin (1935-1970, 1973-present). You can page through each book, search for names and events, or download your own PDF copy through this site.

Click on these yearbooks to see what student life was like in 1915, 1952, 1977, and 2007!

1915 Reveille     1952 Terrapin     1977 Terrapin     2007 Terrapin

If you’re looking for students who attended the college before 1897, make sure to check out our digitized course catalogs!


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