Ghostly Encounters: What (or who) is hiding in H.J. Patterson Hall?

H.J. Patterson Hall was constructed in 1931 and named for Harry Jacob Patterson, director of the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station from 1898 to 1937 and president of the university from 1913 to 1917. The building is one of the oldest on campus, and apparently one of the creepiest according to some accounts.

One evening, a campus employee entered H. J. Patterson to complete some routine maintenance work. He made his way up to the attic and began his labors. As he was working, he felt an eerie presence enter the room. The feeling of the presence got so uncomfortable that he had to stop what he was doing. When he looked around, he spotted a strange, misshapen shadow dart across the wall. The worker insists that he was alone and that the shadow could not have been another maintenance worker. Have you experienced any unexplained events in this old campus building?


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