MacArthur Fellows

The University of Maryland is proud of its many MacArthur Fellows, including 2014 fellowship winner Dr. Pamela O. Long (Ph.D., History, 1979), whose award was announced on September 18. Dr. Long specializes in the history of science, and you can read her bio here.

Dr. Pamela Long

She joins a long line of other UMD MacArthur “Genius Grant” winners, including:

Ellendea Profter Teasley (Class of 1966),author, publisher, and translator of Russian literature into English–1989 MacArthur Fellow

Peter Miller, an assistant professor of history specializing in early modern intellectual European history–1998 MacArthur Fellow

Liz Lerman (Class of 1970) founder of the Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, MD, and a talented dancer, choreographer, and teacher of dance–2002 MacArthur Fellow

Karen Hesse (Class of 1975),author of numerous books for children and young adults who has won many prestigious national awards for her writing–2002 MacArthur Fellow

Naomi Ehrich Leonard (Ph.D., 1994) researcher studying submarines that gather information on environmental conditions beneath the ocean’s surface–2004 MacArthur Fellow

Kenneth Catania (Class of 1989, B.S. in Zoology) researcher studying star-nosed moles and the evolution of mammalian brains–2006 MacArthur Fellow

Ruth DeFries. professor of geogaphy, recognized for her work using satellite images of the earth’s surface to map the impact human society has on climate and biodiversity–2007 MacArthur Fellow

David Simon (Class of 1983), author, screenwriter, and producer best known for his contributions to the HBO show, The Wire, was named a MacArthur Fellow for his new television project, Treme, based in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina–2010 MacArthur Fellow

Ana Maria Rey (Ph.D. 2004), atomic physicist honored for her her work in optical lattice clocks; she also contributed to the construction of the most accurate atomic clock ever built–2013 MacArthur Fellow

MacArthur Fellows receive grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support their continued and enhanced creative work and to establish their optimal working and living conditions.



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