There are certain smells…

There are certain smells in life that are instantly recognizable.  For librarians, archivists, and all lovers of books, there’s nothing like the aroma of a new book hot off the press or the treasure trove of a used bookstore.  Ever wondered about the origin of those special smells?  Now there’s a clear and clever answer to these musings. Blogger Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher in the United Kingdom, has explained the chemical mysteries behind such things as red wine, chocolate, Kevlar, fireworks, and even the aroma of bacon. Now he tackles the special smells of old and new books in a new post on his blog “Compound Interest”

Bet your Kindle can’t do that!  Enjoy!

"Aroma of Books" from the "Compound Interest" blog
“Aroma of Books” from the “Compound Interest” blog

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