The Lost Season: 1912-1913 Men’s Basketball

A question about the first time the Terps played the Cavaliers in advance of tonight’s contest in Charlottesville brought up our 2011 research about the “lost season” of men’s basketball, a set of statistics that had never made it into the media guide.  Here’s a reprise of our blog post from two years ago.

For many years it was thought that because of the November 1912 fire that destroyed most of the Maryland Agricultural College campus, there was no basketball season. While answering a reference query, we discovered that this was not the case. There was a season, though it did not begin until January of 1913. The results:

January 11, 1913: MAC 7, Central YMCA 34 (Washington, D.C.)

January 18, 1913: MAC 2, Mount St. Joseph’s College 24 (Baltimore)

January 22, 1913: MAC 12, Gallaudet 19 (Washington, D.C.)

January 24, 1913: MAC 1, Virginia 65 (Charlottesville)

January 25, 1913: MAC 30, Baltimore City College 29 (OT) (College Park)

January 28, 1913: MAC 14, George Washington University 21 (College Park)

February 1, 1913: MAC 41, Mount St. Joseph’s College 23 (College Park)

February 12, 1913: MAC 9, Georgetown 43 (Washington, D.C.)

February 22, 1913: MAC 36, Baltimore Medical College 27 (College Park)

Perhaps this find does not add much luster to Maryland’s basketball resume’, as it features what is (as of now) the worst loss in the history of the program, 65-1 to Virginia. And yet, mounting any season after the tragic fire that almost closed the campus forever is a victory in itself.


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