Course catalogs

Did you know we’ve digitized our course catalogs? These catalogs give us lots of information about the history of the University of Maryland, including names of professors, descriptions of courses of study, and, prior to the publication of the first yearbook in 1897, names of students. You can page through each book, search for names and events, or download your own PDF copy through this site.

If you’re looking to find University of Maryland course descriptions – these catalogs are exactly what you want to look at!

Click on these catalogs to see what courses were offered in 1859, 1958, 1987, and 1994!

1859 Course Catalog        1958 Course Catalog        1987 Summer Course Catalog        1996 Graduate Course Catalog


One thought on “Course catalogs

  1. Thank you for posting the course catalogs. Now I can see how the music department developed during the late 40s and early 50s by checking specific course offerings. I hope that you will soon add the Old Line Magazine to the items available online. Living in Florida now, I have been able to do research that would not be possible for me now. I know everyone who is working on a history of any UM organization will find this a great resource.

    Dick Taylor

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