New Exhibit: “You Did What? Student Rules of Behavior at the University of Maryland”

"You Did What?" exhibit poster
“You Did What?” exhibit poster

The newest University Archives display in McKeldin library (following our inaugural “Testudo Through Time” exhibit) is now installed and ready to impart a trove of interesting facts to library patrons. “You Did What?” highlights the rules students were required to follow over the course of the university’s history.

Beginning with Maryland Agricultural College student regulations from 1860 and 1901, the exhibit also includes Women’s League rules for female students in the 1940s, campus traffic regulations from the 1960s, and a variety of freshman rules and traditions. Material objects on display include freshman “rat caps” or beanies, M Books, parking permits and licenses, a cadet’s hat from 1914, and a Freshman Orientation Board hat.

Luckily for students today, rules like “lounging on beds, except during recreation hours, is forbidden” no longer apply! Be sure to visit the portico lounge on the second floor to see additional exhibit images. “You Did What?” will be on display through April 2014.


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