Campus Escorts: The ‘Romance’ of Safety, 1965

In 1965, an editorial in the Diamondback suggested the potential usefulness of an escort service that would accompany female students between buildings during the evening hours.  Almost immediately a ‘campus escort service’ was created which had 750 male volunteers, providing chaperones for young women desiring protection while walking to and from various areas of campus.

It also provided an opportunity for some interesting quotes in the Baltimore Sun newspaper.  According to the paper, the university felt the service was unnecessary.  Joseph S. Hall, Director of Housing at the time, said that the service was “as much romance as anything else,” that “it’s just nice American manhood to do these things,” and that “we think maybe it will cause some romances to bloom.”

This article from the Morning Sun chronicles the service and its many benefits.

Whether fear for one’s personal safety leads to romance is perhaps debatable, but the article reached new heights (or depths) when University Chief of Police Daniel B. Wiseman, upon being asked about the true potential for crime on the campus, replied “we have every Tom, Dick, and Harry, plus our own nuts.”

Indeed, sir.  Indeed.  You stay safe, Maryland.


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