“Information Please!”

Did you know we’ve digitized the female students’ handbook “Information Please!”? This publication was a small book of rules, regulations, and strong suggestions produced by the Associated Women Students (AWS) organization and distributed to all incoming female undergraduates. The handbooks contain a detailed description of the functioning of the AWS as well as policies governing dormitory hours, fire drills, signing in and out of the dorms, quiet hours, and male and female visitors. They also include standards of dress for common university settings, e.g. the classroom, afternoon tea, or a football game. You can page through each book, search for rules and guidelines, or download your own PDF copy through this site.

Click on these handbooks to see what rules female students were supposed to follow 1951, 1958, 1963, and 1966!

1951 "Information Please!"     1958 "Information Please!"     1963 "Information Please!"     1966 "Information Please!"


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