90 Years (and one week) Ago in the Diamondback: Maryland Reigns Victorious

Two weeks ago, we told you about the early 20th century Thanksgiving rivalry between Maryland and Hopkins, and last week, we filled you in on the intriguing aftermath of the 1920 game. By now, you must be dying to know: Did Maryland win the 1922 game?!?

Yes!!! On November 23rd, 1922, The Diamondback proudly proclaimed that

Diamondback headline 12-23-1922

Articles throughout the paper covered the pep rallies on Wednesday and Thursday, the pre-game parade through Baltimore, and the game itself. At Wednesday’s rally, numerous professors, alumni, and, of course, Curley Byrd himself spoke to incite school spirit, and one professor urged students to be neither optimists nor pessimists, but rather “peptimists” (his word for someone who “took off his coat and made everything as he wanted it”) and to deserve success.

The students – both on the field and off – took up their elders’ call, and the “College Parkers” beat “Mr. Johnny Hopkins” 3-0 on Saturday. The score might have been even higher, The Diamondback suggested, if not for “severe penalization.” Furthermore, the paper applauded the “splendid recrudescence of patriotism and pep” throughout November, proclaiming that, although the level of school spirit at the beginning of the term had been unacceptably low, Maryland had “regained her pep in one headlong rush,” with the girls almost outshining the boys!

After all this excitement (and likely due to Thanksgiving break), The Diamondback took a couple weeks off in 1922, and so our weekly “90 Years Ago” feature will be taking a week off as well. Come back on Friday, December 14th for more news from 1922, and in the mean time, stay tuned for other entries on this blog!


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