University Archives Looks Back at U

The University Archives had the chance to Look Back at U at an event in the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp on Monday, October 13 to help jump start the annual Homecoming celebration.  This year’s Homecoming theme banner features several historic Testudos, so the Archives was all ready to hop on the Homecoming bandwagon.  Staff members Daniella Furman, Amanda Hawk, and Anne Turkos had a great time meeting lots of students and giving away old football buttons and stress turtles.  The students also enjoyed looking at the old yearbooks and student handbooks from the Archives.  Who knew that female students once had to be in their dorm rooms by 7:30 PM, and couldn’t go to the library in the evening without permission from their house mothers?!  We were also very excited to see Testudo in the house!  A terrific time was had by all, and the Archives gang looks forward to this kick-off event next year!


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