Football Media Guides

Did you know we’ve digitized our football media guides? These media guides follow the Maryland Terrapin Football team from the 1940s through their national championship in 1953, as well as their their numerous appearances in bowl games, with victories in the Gator (1950, 1975, 2003), Sugar (1952), Hall of Fame (1977), Sun (1984), Cherry (1985) and Peach (2002) Bowls. Packed with pictures, player and coach profiles, and lots of historical information, they are a treasure trove for the true Terrapin fan. Follow the careers of Terp players and coaches Jack Scarbath, “Boomer” Esiason, Randy White, Jim Tatum and Jerry Claiborne, or read the game-by-game summaries and relive past glories. You can page through each book, search for names and events, or download your own PDF copy through this site.

Click on these media guides to check out the 1940, 1968, 1980, and 2002 seasons!

1940 Football Media Guide     1968 Football Media Guide     1989 Football Media Guide     2002 Football Media Guide


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