Welcome Class of 2016!!

We are so excited to see you! As you get used to campus and student life, you’ll learn some of the written (and unwritten) rules of college life. You might think that some of these seem pointless, but be thankful you were not here 70 years ago!!  You would have had to follow “The Ten Commandments”[1] listed below:

  1. Memorize the Ten Commandments and all bylaws.
  2. Wear rat hat, nameplate, and M-tie at all times.
  3. Get the “hello” habit. (Maryland is a friendly university.)
  4. Show proper respect for upperclassmen and obey all reasonable requests.
  5. Attend all campus activities, social as well as athletic.
  6. Learn Maryland cheers and songs.  (Get the Maryland spirit!)
  7. Remain in your room every week night from 8:30 to 11:30 unless otherwise instructed.
  8. Do not smoke on campus except in your room or in the Student Lounge.
  9. Do not “cut” campus.  (You kill 999 blades of grass with each step.)
  10. Don’t wear large prep or high school insignia.  (You can’t live on your past here.)

    1942 M Book title page
    Title page, 1942 M Book

Other exciting rules for freshmen found in the 1942 M Book include:

  • In the Dining Hall, you must not sit at the ends of the rectangular tables.  These places are traditionally reserved for upperclassmen.
  • The Library is a place to study, not to make dates.  Furthermore, noisy congregation on the front steps disturbs those inside.  For this reason, you must not loiter more than two minutes on these steps.

These and other incredible strictures placed on student conduct can be found in the UMD student handbooks.

1. From the 1942 M Book.


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